The District of KIREHE has the great pleasure to inform the selected Candidates to the post mentioned below that the written exam is schedule on Wednesday the 22nd, and Thursday, the 23rd June 2016 at 8 A.M (Rusumo High School ).

For 22nd Posts are:

ü  Corporate Division Manager

ü  Sector Executive Secretary

ü  Director of Public Health

ü  Land Survey and GIS Officer

ü  Sector Agronomist

ü  Head Teacher of Secondary school

ü  Accountant of Health Centers

ü  Administrative Assistant to the Mayor

ü  Schools Secretary Accountant

ü  Sector Accountant

ü  Lab-Technician  A1

ü  I/C of Documentation and Archives

ü  District Environment Officer

ü  Sector Animal Resources Officer

ü  School Construction Engineer

ü  Manager of Health Post

ü  District Council Specialist

ü  Cell Executive Secretaries

The next posts of 23rd, June 2016 are:

Ø  Sector Finance and Administration Officer

Ø  Deputy Head Teacher

Ø  I/C of Recovery in Health Centers

Ø  Secretary in Central Secretariat

Ø  Lab-Technician A2

Ø  Cell Social Affairs and Economic Development Officer

Ø  District Internal Auditors


1.       Every Candidate should have his or her own Identity Card.

2.      The written Exam for Corporate Division Manager will take a place at Hilltop Hotel Kigali on 22nd, June 2016 at 9hoo’ AM.

3.      This announcement can be founded to the  District Website:


Done at KIREHE On16thJune 2015




The Mayor of KIREHE District