Under the roads construction, the district targeted to improve linkage of  production areas to markets and public transportation and increase the usage of social facilities like school and health amenities among others.

Under water improvement scheme the district targeted to increase access to clean water, to reduce the impact of unsafe water (poor sanitation, diseases) and to reduce distance home-water points and improve economic productivity.

In the same fiscal year, the district targeted to increase electricity in the district by increasing households connectivity, promoting private investment and job creation.


FM tower installed at Kiyanzi

The district has run the construction of Rusumo Cross Border Market which is now at 20%, for running the construction they collected Rwf64 million, valuation and expropriation of properties and signed contracts.

Here the district observed that the expropriation process delayed the construction activities.

The district targeted to connect 2,965 households with electricity, which means that additional 3.8% was expected to be increased to the initial number. The result of this target left 1,851 households connected and 240 households ready to be offered power meters, this means that the target was achieved at 70.5%. Here the district indicates that it was challenged with insufficiency of power meters.

To increase  energy for cooking and lighting , 218 biogas digesters were installed in the district.

The district targeted to create and rehabilitate different roads across sectors.  Under this target, they created ten kilometers of roads in Rusumo layout plan. 16 Km of Nyarutunga-Mulindi were rehabilitated to 90% and compaction with laterite is in progress. 10 Km of Rwanteru-Kankobwa-Nyarutunga road were rehabilitated at 100% and rain water-diversion systems were constructed.


Irrigation technology in Kirehe district

34 km of access roads in Nasho Sector were rehabilitated at 100% and provisional handover was conducted.

Construction works for Integrated Craft Production Center was completed at 100% and it is now in use.

To enhance beautification of the district,  creation of two hectares of green gardens was targeted but, on whole,  established 3.2 hectares which means that the target was completed at 160%.

Promoting good housing and settlement in the district had a target of  resettling 50 households in well planned settlements in Nasho sector of which 52 four-in-one houses and their kitchens were completed,  achieving the target at  104%.


Increased access to clean water

In order to advance  access to clean water in the district, Gashanga water scheme was rehabilitated and extended to serve Kiyanzi and Kagasa cells. Under this project, construction of tanks and piping works are in progress but the targeted goal was completed at 150%.

Gahezi water scheme too was rehabilitated at 100% and started to serve.